From the moment I met with Lisa and David and the time we spent together on their pre-wedding session I knew they were such a fun couple and would be up for all my photography suggestions.

Come the wedding day these two young farmers were just the same – if not more carefree! They planned such a cool wedding, marrying at St Saviour’s Church in Wildboarclough, on the border of Cheshire – which is a hidden gem – then onto their reception, a marquee positioned on a farm in the Peak District National Park, right on the borders of Cheshire, Staffordshire and Derbyshire.

Their wedding consisted of pastel pinks, paper lanterns, hay bales, LOVE letters, really beautiful flower arrangements and farmers’ charm of course. Oh! and not forgetting ring dropping during the ceremony through a metal grid (which turned out to be a joke using some nuts & bolts) and Dave buying Lisa some lovely looking sheep as a wedding gift – simply brilliant!!!!

We had mixed weather on the day, it did rain! Well actually it chucked it down at one point (see below) – but did this faze them or anyone else? It sure didn’t, if anything it just fueled the atmosphere.  And Lisa put in a good 100-metre dash in it too 🙂

If I could give an award for the gnarliest, most fun couple it would go to L&D, jumping over barbed wire and dry stone walls to get to a location I spotted (which is the main image) – you guys were simply amazing to work with!!!

So all in all the day was just brilliant, I’ve never felt so included at a wedding before, nor have I laughed so hard.  If I could say anything about Lisa and Dave it would have to be about their fun, carefree attitude. They are a perfect match – together I don’t think there’s anything that would faze these two.

Here are a small selection from their wedding that I’d like share, enjoy folks :)….

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