About Me

Hi I’m Wes!

Thank you for considering me as your photographer and taking the time to view my work throughout my website.

Choosing your photographer for your wedding, family shoot or special occasion can be a daunting task.  There are a few of us! We all have our own photography styles and work ethic.  You may like my style of photography but I think it’s important to also know the person behind the camera.  It’s my belief that the work created by photographers has a lot to do with their personality, upbringing and life experiences.

I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. My childhood days would involve me riding my bike as fast as I could alongside my dad driving his tractor, or me and my brother borrowing my dad’s biker boots to explore sand boulders in search of interesting insects. I loved growing up in SA, I remember it well, it was a beautiful country and certainly enriched my life growing up with my brothers.

A Bit of Background

After leaving SA when I was nine our family eventually settled in the UK after living in Australia for a brief time. It’s here in the UK that I started taking a real interest in photography. My first camera was an Olympus, shooting 35mm film, it was a great camera and I still have it to this day – it appears on tables when I showcase my work at wedding fairs. I became a qualified photographer by completing an HND in photography – during which I managed to secure an internship as an assistant to a well-known wedding photography company in Cheshire. This gave me the knowledge of what wedding photography was all about, and made me passionate about creating my own successful business one day.

My documentary photography career began with a position as the sole photographer at a monthly newspaper in Cheshire, documenting news, features and commercial work. My expertise was noted and I was promoted to a position on a weekly title within the same group, before being headhunted by the picture editor at one of the best performing regional daily newspapers in the country.

I picked up several awards, including News Photographer of the Year in the West Midlands, in 2008, along with several other accolades of note within the industry. I now have over 20 years’ experience in my chosen career and have gained recognition through my photography work.  I’m proud of my business, I’m as passionate about photography as when I developed my first print in a darkroom.

If you’re interested in booking me as your photographer, I’d love to hear from you, so please get in touch!

Photographer Wes Webster