The Coronaviris (Covid-19) outbreak has affected the way we conduct our lives and business.  Every person and business worldwide has been affected in one way or another. 

With summer upon us the wedding season looks very different to last year, it has come to a standstill effectively. All we can do is wait and adhere to government guidelines to help the fight against the Coronovirus.  As weddings are a mass gathering it’s likely that the measures won’t relax anytime soon. Currently the maximum attendance for weddings stands at 30 people, with social distancing still required.  I have a wedding while these measures are in place.  I’ll need to keep my distance from all guests and work from a safe distance when photographing the bride and groom.  Which I’m confident can be achieved as it’s how I normally work, in a documentary style.

In my opinion this is a very sensible decision, firstly it’s keeping people safe and protecting our NHS.  Before Covid-19 hit us, at every wedding I photographed I could be surrounded by 80 – 200 people.  If I shot a double on a weekend that’s a possible 400 people I’ve come into contact with, you can see where I’m going with this! 

There has been a rise in couples getting married in virtual ceremonies using social media and video sharing platforms such as Zoom or Skype. It’s certainly an option but it doesn’t come close to having your mum and dad hugging you after the ceremony to congratulate you and tell you how amazing you look, or being surrounded by laughter and happiness provided by your close friends and family members.

How will coronavirus affect my wedding?

I stand behind all my couples and appreciate the difficult decisions they’ve had to make, morally and financially.  My advice to any couple facing this hardship is don’t cancel your wedding! But look to postpone it using all the wedding suppliers you already chose.  If you’re happy with the 30-people restriction, face coverings and social distancing set in place, then great, I’m fully supportive and let’s do it!

I know that from speaking with all my friends in the wedding industry their ultimate goal is to work with their couples in securing a date that will primarily not be affected by the virus (we hope!!), but also that all suppliers are available – especially wedding venues and photographers as these can be booked very quickly. 

With couples all over the UK facing the prospect of rescheduling their date, weddings are being condensed into a single year and therefore suppliers are getting booked out, so act fast and make sure you speak with all your wedding suppliers.  They truly want the best for you – remember everyone is facing the same problem, you’re not alone!

I can’t wait to be able to photograph all my couples’ weddings, they will all feel magical after this pandemic.  The wedding industry will bounce back, we’re a resilient bunch.  Any couples unsure about what to do, please get in touch or comment below and I’d be happy to offer some advice.  Here is a link to the government website on guidance for small marriages and civil partnerships, it’s certainly worth reading to keep up to date with the government’s guidance.