So I was really happy to find out that one of my images submitted to the MyWed community of International Wedding Photographers picked up an ‘editor’s choice award’ – whoop!!

For anyone not familiar with the wedding photography industry, this is a community of some 49k+ members, all professional wedding photographers from around the world.  We can submit our best work to be reviewed for awards and also for potential couples to find their ultimate wedding photographer.  All in all it’s a great community and one that I’m proud to be part of :).

The picture they selected for an award was from Danni & Jamie’s wedding. I captured the image of them kissing in a classic VW camper van before setting off to their reception venue, it was a quick take that came together beautifully.

The photo was a collective effort. Obviously there was me :), our awesome bride & groom, D&J – who just rocked the portrait session – the stunning VW caper van, supplied by Blue Pumpkin VW Wedding Hire, and the grounds I sourced were kindly available by Fairboroughs Farm, near Leek in Staffordshire.

So there you have it!!! The image is now proudly on my website homepage and also on the wall of Danni & Jamie’s house – a massive thank you to all…..