I’m due to photograph Emma & Simon’s wedding, held at The Three Horseshoes Country Inn & Spa, in July but before their wedding we decided to use The Roaches for their engagement session.  I absolutely love The Roaches, it is a magnificent rocky landscape that is a real pleasure to have on my doorstep.  We decided the engagement session would take place at sunset (AKA the golden hour).  This photographic opportunity can be hit or miss as it is so dependant on the sunset – and wow we were treated!!!!

We all met at The Three Horseshoes in Blackshaw Moor, near Leek, with plenty of time to catch the sunset.  After a few pics by their wedding venue we headed up to our first location, starting at the base of The Roaches, near Ramshaw Rocks.  I could see the sky starting to colour up and beginning to form a stunning sunset – we made good use of this, taking some creative silhouettes in a nearby field scattered with grazing sheep.

It was soon time to rush off to our final spot, a gem of a location overlooking the whole of The Roaches and facing the sunset.  We hurriedly got into place, I prepared my flashes and got the camera positioned.  I really felt for Emma and Simon at this point because the wind was ferocious up there and extremely cold – at one point I lent Simon my coat as he only had a T-shirt on.

After braving the conditions and successfully getting some awesome pictures – some of my favourites from any engagement session – we headed back down to The Three Horseshoes.  With one last pic we said farewell, after excitedly chatting about their wedding day. I can’t wait, it’s going to be an amazing day that I’m honoured to be part of.

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