A tipi wedding at Whitebottom Farm in Marple Bridge Stockport is incredible but a festival wedding is even better!!! All on the grounds of Blackthorne Festival fields.  It was a wedding full of expectation and it truly didn’t disappoint.

I was so excited for Laura & Stephen, the amount of planning, DIY’ing these two took on was awe inspiring, (they pulled it off!!) One of my favourite weddings to be part of.  The festival vibe suited L&S’s style, they’re one cool couple.  Their fascination with vikings (or should I say Stephens) played a huge role on their wedding day.  How do you include vikings at your wedding I hear you say? with swords, axe-throwing and an inflatable dinosaur of course!!

Their ceremony was really unique to them too, lighting a fire pit to start the proceedings.  The weather was kind to them and their guests as we all witnessed them exchange rings in a lovely open field surrounded by trees.  After their kiss dog walkers could be heard clapping and cheering as they passed the entrance to the site – it was that kind of wedding 🙂 outdoors and almost spiritual.

Their wedding day was just a blast to document, stand outs for me without a shadow of doubt is Stephen licking cake of a sword and the speeches, there’s one frame where Laura & Stephen are cowering as a video is played to their guests of Stephen when he wasn’t as cool, he he (sorry mate) To fair there were loads but these two stick with me.

I wish i could of stayed later as the evening took shape the lighting and atmosphere was amazing!