So here it is, my ‘Best of 2017’ blog….welcome 2018!!!

Every time I sit down to write these they seem to come round even quicker (I must be getting old).  Well, the year 2017 was a busy one with work and family commitments.  I’ve been shooting a good number of weddings, some family portrait sessions, the running of my growing commercial, PR and events photography business too, not to mention moving our family to a new lovely home 😊

This best of 2017 photography blog is going to focus purely on all the amazing weddings (and pre-weddings) I’ve been involved in as well as some of the fun families I’ve photographed in and around Staffordshire.  It’s been tough, as always, looking through thousands of images, but I’ve narrowed it down to 150 or so….

Before we get into the images that have made the final year blog I want to thank everyone who has trusted me to be their wedding and family photographer.  You’ve all welcomed me into your lives, allowing me privileged access to your personal events that are shared with loved ones.  It truly has been an honour and with every new wedding or family session booking I am reminded of just how lucky I am to be doing this job – so a heartfelt thank you to you all 🙂

Here’s a quick rundown of standout moments for me that made 2017 very special. Firstly, Devan & Andy’s wedding held at the Ashes in Staffordshire.  I’ve never had a wedding where I couldn’t reach the bride because of heavy snow and road closures by police before – Devan even got stuck in a snowdrift on the way to the venue!! And Andy falling over in the snow during a snowball fight was a brilliant moment. This was simply a great wedding that came together perfectly despite the weather.

Other standout moments include Vicci & Tom’s garden wedding, which fell on the night of the Perseid Meteor Shower; the clearest starry night I’ve ever witnessed for Emma & Scott’s wedding – and Emma had no shoes on in -4 degrees; a perfect rainbow appearing for Emma & Jane; and the most amazing light and skyscapes at Dawn & Andrew’s wedding, held at Sandhole Oak Barn – just incredible, almost unearthly!! And not forgetting the stunning torch-lit first dance at Nat & Kate’s wedding at Tower Hill Barns in North Wales.

Among all that nature threw at us in 2017, whether it was rain, snow or sun, every single wedding I shot was full of love, laughter and togetherness, bursting with spontaneous moments that as a documentary photographer I can’t get enough of.  It was also a great challenge to try to hold the camera steady during all the hilarious speeches that had me laughing behind the lens.  If I had to give an award to the best speech of 2017 it would go to Emma’s bridesmaid at Emma & Jane’s wedding, who gave a meaningful, comical, well-delivered speech that had everyone laughing uncontrollably.

As we embark on our journey into 2018 I’m starting to travel further from home. I do love Staffordshire, but Wales and London are popping up on my radar more frequently.  So who knows where I’ll end up 😉 as long as it’s photographing people at their happiest, living for moments that fulfil their dreams and wishes.

Anyway that’s enough from me, bring on 2018!!!! And Happy New Year all 🙂

Enjoy the images.